Public Domain quiz

  • Image 1 – Space image. Public domain. If image is from a government sponsored imagery – NASA
  • Image 2 – Kennedy Funeral Picture Not Public domain. Image by journalist working for a paper. after 1923 (Life Magazine)
  • Image 3 – Susan B Anthony Trial Transcript – Public Domain. Original document is pre-1923 and publisher is out of business.
  • Image 4 – Pea picker, Public domain image by the photographer who took it as part of a government project.
  • Image 5 – Nixon and Elvis – Maybe. Depends on if it was a Government publicity photo or if it was taken by a reporter or Presley production.
  • Image 6 – Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a Dream” speech. Probably public domain – Real Answer, His estate has copyrighted his speeches.

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